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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Consider This A Sneak Peek (Maybe)

Yeah, I plan on posting a bigger update. Sometime. Valentine's = BUSY for cooks. So yeah, the corp I'm in finally got a player owned station up in Ane, which is nice since now we can research and copy blueprints and all that jazz. Plus, if anyone flies to it by accident, they get gunned down by our defense systems. Not to mention we have a safe place to fly to just in case we piss off the wrong Corp (Grumpy Old Farts for example). It's good times all around. I can finally use T2 Armor Reps and I'm fast on my way to fielding a BC well enough for L3 missions. What does all that mean to the non-EVE'er? Nothing. Oh, and I finally got a fitting for the T1 Gallente Frigate, Tristan, that can tackle and kill a Serepentis Wing Leader! Takes forever to break the NPC's tank, but it's still neat to see a noob(ish) frig blow apart the hull of a 150k bounty rat. Shields after fight? 92%. ^^

Meanwhile, my lovely Alicia is awesome and gave me a great Valentine's. She is the perfect remedy for stress during a busy work week. I am truly the luckiest man alive! Still need to put a ring on her finger though...

And Nine Inch Nails is keeping the buzz going with a crazy "Alternate Reality Game" that's got me looking at every last detail of images and text. The night of a concert in "Bilbao", Spain, there was a hidden message discovered amongst brutally broken text that finally translated to one of the opening passages from "The Hobbit" . Very clever indeed, though I don't know how that relates at all to the current "NINspiracy". Either way, I absolutely love the new track that was leaked. "My Violent Heart" and it was leaked just in time for Valentine's day. Heh, clever. Again.

My skills are set and my ship safely docked. I still want to start writing fanfiction.. I'm not even halfway through the Book of EVE though and don't want to make an arse of myself. Good times. Goodnight.


Anonymous Alicia said...

Thank YOU for the wonderful late Valentine's Day. And the flowers are beautiful too! You're amazing!

8:23 AM  

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