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Monday, January 01, 2007

Two Boxing: Know What I Mean?

Why? Well, when you spend 23,000,000 ISK on a new Battlecruiser (the Amarrian Prophecy), it's just required. Hah, the purchase brought my funds down to a light 12 mil. Holding two accounts in an MMO is nuts. It's nuts enough to pay $15/month for a fun game, but to pay $30 to play the same game with two characters seems really silly. Oh no, it's not completely silly. It *seems* silly since there are other options to pay for game time. Word on the Corp channel is that 300 million ISK will buy a month (maybe two) of game time. The market shifts, but with two characters (once I get my skills developed on my new Gallente alt, "Pew'Pew") millions of ISK will come easy while still allowing for "fun" time. For 90 days of game time, it's about a billion or so ISK. It's funny that someone would pay that much for a game time card then trade it for ISK, but there are a bunch of rich 30+ year olds playing this game. Go figure. So yeah, I'm silly. Here's a fresh pic of my brand new Battlecruiser!

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