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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Game?

Yes, it's true. I've already racked in about 15 hours or more into Oblivion. I went ahead and paid the $17 for all of the official plug-ins and have been enjoying them. My character was bit by a vampire, but instead of ridding myself of the disease, I've been playing it out. It's great, though if I don't feed enough I can't walk in the sun without getting major damage. Plus I'm incredibly weak against fire. Aside from Vampirism, I am a thief in the thieve's guild. Now that is a lot of fun. Picking locks, sneaking around, pickpocketing shop keys from the owners so I can raid their warez late at night. It's good. Not much else to say. I have yet to actually do any of the quests that pertain to the main story. The "side" quests are great fun and offer a really nice amount of depth. The HDR works great, the weather is enchanting, and it's a very nice game. Although, the Radiant AI system is a little.. off.

Anyway, this offers a great distraction while Alicia is out of town and I'm reaching more and more skills in EVE that require 1 day or more to train. Set the skill, check the time, play Oblivion. Hehe.. good fun.
Oh, Steven, it's cool about not seeing you this Christmas. That's the same reason we didn't go to Clarksville. We didn't want to get anyone over there sick. :( It sucked, but oh well, it happens I suppose. I'm still coughing a bit, but much better. I really enjoyed your blog post about capital punishment, as I do 99% of your posts. :) I wish Blogger had a comment reply option...
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Anonymous steven said...

Speaking of games, I got to play a PS3 recently. I was told that the Grand Turismo game for it costs $60. On top of that, you have to pay to unlock certain features in the game. One could end up paying $400 for all of the features.

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