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Sunday, December 24, 2006

More From EVE

This is my Navitas Gallente Frigate. Small, with two turret points, and a small cargo hold. I use this when I "jetcanned" mining loads to be picked up my my Bestower. It's a common task in EVE and this is a common ship for it. Nothing special about this frigate, and this is a shot of it 8 jumps away from my usual mining/ratting/mission constellation. I used it to pick up my brand spanking new Amarrian Arbitrator Cruiser, shown below. It can hold several drones, has a pretty good cargo hold, and (best of all) a launcher hardpoint for missiles! The drawback is that it has only two turret hardpoints, so no salvager turret on this ship. No problem, I can come back around with my Destroyer and salvage. I looked up "Oblivion" in Japanese and, since EVE uses Unicode, I named my ship the Japanese characters for oblivion. Yep, this is my EVE post of the day. Hope you're not getting tired of it, I know I'm not.

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