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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Late Night Drugged Geek Goodness

An example, however poor it may be, of a possible series of images featuring my ships in EVE. I consider this one poor due to the large "Silvery Omber" asteroid behind my ship. And Balle isn't exactly the coolest looking system I've seen. Either way, this is my Destroyer class ship of the Gallente Federation. I named it D├ętruisez since that is the French word for "Destroy" . Why French? (Prepare for supreme geekdom) EVE lore states that the Gallenteans are descendants the French, so the choice in naming was obvious. Yes, there are pages upon pages of EVE lore.. and even more in the EVE magazine "E-ON" . Speaking of E-ON, what a great rag! Few magazines have impressed me. Shutterbug, PC Gamer, and E-ON are currently at the top of my list for writing and presentation. Not like I'm a great judge of that.. especially as this dose of cough syrup begins to set in.. and it's 3:30 AM... ?!?! Whoa, how did it get so late. I'm going to sleep.
Currently Listening To: Prince - Automatic - 1999 - 1983


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