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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

EVE: Revelations & the WoW Patch

Taken using 350D + Yashinon 50mm.
Currently all of the WoW servers are down, as well as the one (huge) EVE Online cluster. Normal, scheduled maintenance. This is where WoW shakes all of that lag experienced after the weekend hustle, and where EVE introduces another one of its many patches. Usually, I look forward to seeing what my new honor rank when the WoW servers come online. But today's patch, for some insane reason, completely ditches the ranked honor system. Instead, honor is earned like currency, to be spent on honor items (like weapons, armor, potions). I don't like this as it takes away from the competitive aspect of the old honor system. The climb to the top was difficult, but rewarding. Now I'll never experience what it's like to obtain the Warlord set and be the only one on the server with it (until someone else inevitably achieves Warlord). But as I type this, I realize the fault of that statement. Botters. There are programs out there that are so sophisticated, that they actually can play a battleground for you and go undetected by WoW's sniffer. Not that they will rack in honor kills or capture any flags, but the ability to do BGs 24/7 make it possible to constantly drag in even small amounts of honor. Supposedly, the new system will fix that.

As for EVE, CCP has done an amazing job at keeping this game live and active. It is currently impossible to ever learn all of the skills available. The longest skill time on my current tree takes 14 days, 10 hours, 32 minutes to learn (it learns while offline). Farmers? Pfftt.. player-controlled megacorps are beating them out of stuff daily. Not to mention that groups of space pirates (again, player-controlled) are quickly able to shift the farm activity by precise strikes. Of course, as I loaded up my old character last night, Mallikan, I realized just how daunting the learning curve is. The first tutorial takes about an hour or more. I happen to remember enough to get around and work with my ship. It'll take me a little time to get back to my combat frigate though. I can't wait!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're doing that because of the non-competitive people who suck at BG and only earn honor and kills from absorbtion in the group. They say "Well.. he has more kills than me.. how is that fair," and BLizz goes,"Well, they're a better player than your are." And they say," BS FIX IT!"

Poor Blizz.. Also gone is the beautiful looking for group channel. A source of endless entertainment for my guild VANISHED! Like a rogue in heat..


5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't learn all the skills, but you can sure make an attempt to specialize in areas that are out of others reach. I rather like the fact that when I play EVE, I'll never run into a Maxxed out player. Not everyone is running around say "I've got 3 level 60s, and I just farm them to do it."

Plus they've finally introduced a plan for avatar interaction. EVE is the bomb.

How do you like the new update?

-Schrodingers Cat

9:33 AM  

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