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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Rebecca striking a pose because she's a camera hog.

It's format time! I mean everything. I'm using a good 74 GB of mom's HD for my music backup and my E:\ partition for the rest. This time around I'm not installing windows on a 7 GB partition (too cramped) and I'm not ever going to install Windows Vista RC1 again. I think if I partition 10 GB out of my 160 GB, that will be plenty for the Windows install. Then I can merge the C:\ and E:\ back and use that drive for storage. My music will still have to stay on my main because of size, and games for the ever so slight difference of ATA100 compared to ATA133. Judging from the disk space my pictures are taking up, I'm going to have to purchase a large hard drive pretty soon. Anyway, I'll be back online shortly.
Currently Listening To: Five Iron Frenzy - Get Your Riot Gear - Quantity is Job One


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