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Friday, October 27, 2006

Windows Vista RC1: Round Two

Pro: Dual-boot works without a hitch, however, there are minor glitches with shortcuts and the "old.Windows" folder.

Con: Simply shutting down Vista takes about one full minute.

I was very worried about what would happen when I restarted and booted the old WinXP install. Worried that that install would no longer work. I was worried for no reason though as the only problems encountered are iTunes 6 complaining about a bad install (but working fine), Firefox taking a second longer to load up (oh boo hoo), and shortcut images going blank.

Just a couple updates about Vista RC1...

The install is a whopping 5.5 GB! WHOA! No wonder the DVD ISO was 4 GB.

nVidia's graphics options are nearly impossible to get into. Once I do, I have to get around the silly menu made up for it. This is an nVidia issue, but it'd still be nice for Vista to offer the options on the display options tab instead of being hidden in the control panel.

The application protection program is highly annoying. When any program is run (even some of the Windows internals), it asks the same "Allow" or "Do Not Allow" questions as the firewall. While I can see why this is good to an extent, it's also very silly for experienced users. But, that's why they included the option of disabling it (which makes the security manager go red).

Next do benchmarks and game tests. I'm curious to see if the 64-bit code will have an effect on my system's performance. Most benchmarks I've seen show slightly decreased performance in games by using 64-bit. We shall see.
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