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Thursday, October 19, 2006

X-Fi SCP Fix?

A most unusual thing has happened. Somehow, I was able to uninstall every last bit of Creative data from the initial X-Fi install, and still be able to install the latest 2.9.1 driver. This is great because now my X-Fi actually works without crackling (for now), and instead of taking up 843 MB, it's only taking 732 KB. No bloated install, and no sluggish interface. How did this happen? I can only find two things wrong with this current setup. One, I cannot adjust my bass redirection. This would be a bad thing if I didn't know to tone down the Window's bass slider and up the sub slider on the speakers (not exactly a 200 Hz, 15 dB gain, but it keeps my tiny sat speakers from buzzing). The second problem is not being able to access the THX setup. I can setup everything else, but I can't adjust the speaker distance and angle compensation. Not that big of a deal though.

Currently, I can't really complain. It sounds as great as it did the first time around, possibly even better. I can still use CMSS-3D* and SVM** for my music, and quickly turn them off before a game. I stress tested the card last night with the demo for Quake 4. Why Quake 4? It uses OpenAL, something that sounds great while stressing every last feature of the card. There were about a dozen fixes for this game in one of the driver updates. Worked without a hitch. Never a pop, crackle, or unusual noise. If this is currently working like this, how come Creative's most recent update on fixing SCP is to use a motherboard other than an nForce4 chipset? Sorry Creative, I like my nTune, onboard gigabit ethernet (like I'll ever use it to full potential), and onboard raid abilities. OH, and I like money. Something that's required for buying a motherboard.
*CMSS-3D: Upmixes 2 channel audio to either expand stereo or expand surround. It runs realtime in hardware making my 2ch music seem like it's 5.1ch music. Works great.

** SVM: You know how iTunes has volume management? Yeah, this is the same thing except in hardware. Real-time calculation of all audio passing through the sound card. This is great for playing games at night when everyone is in bed, or playing music at night.
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Anonymous steven said...

Glad you got your sound card working again. That would have sucked if it went bad.

I put some new pictures on dA. Baby steps, heh.

8:56 PM  

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