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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fresh Windows FTW

This is a quick redo of my photo "Windbrushes" using the Exposure plug-in. The setting is one of the many setting files they released after the plug-in release. "Polaroid - Grain On." I love the subdued colors, fine grain, and abnormal tinting. For those wondering when polaroid ever looked this good, it didn't. But it's fairly accurate to the high end polaroid films still floating around today.

I am enjoying a nice, clean, fresh installation of Windows XP. I never realized how bloated my previous install had become. I forgot all about the 15 second or less boot times and the joy of seeing over a hundred gigabytes of memory just waiting to be demolished by my games and music. And that is exactly what I'm doing right now. Wanna know how long it takes to move 74 GB's over a home network connection (10/100)? With me doing small things here and there and Nathan playing WoW, 183 minutes. WoW hardly effects the situation as it's not hard disk intensive (at least not on a 1 GB machine like mom's) and doesn't effect the net too much since I can play CS:S with a 50-60ms ping.
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Anonymous Alicia said...

So hey, I think you should definately do a late Halloween post with pictures of our amaz-za-zing pumpkins. Just saying.

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