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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Late Shift

It's 2:11 AM. I'm doing post work from a photo shoot with Joel for his graduation invitation pics. It was a lot of fun and is my very first photography job! Woo! That excites me a lot. I learned a lot.. and in processing these shots I'm learning a lot still. The photo shoot was done in RAW with a black sheet (thank you Joel!) for the background, Alicia holding a white poster board to bounce light off of my Vivitar flash head, and a stool. After the photos were put through CS2's RAW processing plug-in (v3.2), they were saved as 8-bit uncompressed TIFF's for processing through either NeatImage or directly into CS2. The reason I don't run all of them through NeatImage is a matter of how well it profiles a shot. Sometimes it won't get a full color channel and the results are blurred fine lines, dulled skin textures, or an effect only described as "plastic" . Not a real issue.

Joel made a great model, even though I could tell he was just as confused as me. I hadn't done nearly enough studying for this, and that was magnified by having such limited equipment. Alicia did a great job of watching where my flash was pointing and adjusting her poster board as necessary. I feel I did alright, though I certainly need to work on several things. This definitely boosted my confidence and has more or less convinced me that this is my calling in life. I love photography. Plain and simple.

Joel... I'll get these photos done soon. But for now, it's bed time! ;)
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Anonymous Alicia said...

Patrick, you did amazing! I am so happy that I could help out by playing a small role in your first professional photo shoot. (Even if I was only holding a poster board!)Great job!!!

1:39 PM  

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