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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Acute Bronchitis

Taken at Wal-Mart about a year ago or so. Though it is funny, I can't help but find it a little creepy.

Went to the doctor today.. got an excuse for work that says I can't work until the 26th. Ugh.. I'm going to take up that offer as much as I hate to. I'm miserable. I honestly didn't expect acute bronchitis, but I guess I should have expected something was amiss when I coughed out blood. Bleh.. Anyway, I'm feeling a little better, but I think that's because I am currently swimming through the air around me. Or at least it feels that way thanks to the cough medicine (strong stuff).

What will I occupy my time with? Photos are out of the question, even though I am finally feeling more creative, I don't think the cool, moist air is good for my illness. Photoshop? Yeah, I've got some ideas and a fresh spark of interest in fark.com

And wtf.. I can never get the links right in Blogger. Always wants to continue the link unless I paragraph down. Anyway, I also plan on doing a little PvP on Nathan's 60 Rogue (he requested the help, I agreed), read more of the Band of Brothers book, play more EVE, and hopefully finish Company of Heroes. So how is Company of Heroes now that my interest has waned ever so slightly? Great. I never get tired of watching choke points get utterly decimated (especially by some well placed mortar attacks). I don't think I'll be joining in on anymore multiplayer games though.. for some reason, even the lowest of ranks online are vicious RTS pros. This would be a great challenge.. if I were any challenge myself. However, I'm am certainly of no challenge to these 1337 d00dz, regardless of playing the single-player campaign on medium instead of easy.

Whoa...... and now begins the spinning. Goodnight everyone, I think 1:00 pm is my new bedtime.
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