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Sunday, December 24, 2006

EVE: Analysis of a Battle: Basic

Depending on the direction people take in EVE in regards to their skill points, combat can be quite regular. The most common combat situations for fresh pilots like myself would be through missions or "ratting" . Ratting is the killing of NPCs (Non-player Characters) that guard asteroid belts in lower security space (below 0.7). In the above shot, which you can click to enlarge, you see a minor battle between my ship at two rats. Due to the weapons being used, you really can't see shots being fired. However, you can plainly see my Energy Vampire draining the target ship's energy and adding it to my capacitors. Also present is the second rat apparently boosting something on the other ship. My assumption is a remote shield boost, or possibly armor repair.

Basic fight like this usually play out in a certain order, whether I'm hunting them from belt to belt or being ambushed while mining in a belt.

1. Target NPCs are noticed, I determine their strengths, ensure I have a clear route of escape and no player threats in general vicinity.

2. I choose the NPC closest to me and set my ship to Approach. As soon as I do that, I target the ships as soon as I am in targeting range (approx. 31km on my current ship).

3. I watch carefully for their speeds and distances, launch a combat drone if needed, and fire any long range weapons as soon as they are in range (both of my 125mm railguns can usually start glancing shots off their shields at about 11km).

4. Once targets are within 11km (assuming they don't keep me at range and fire from 12km, which I hate), I activate my midrange weapons, the 75mm railguns. I take any maneuver's necessary to stay at optimal range according to signal ratio, tracking, and falloff. If target is within 5500m, I activate the vamp module to keep energy up.

5. If shields begin to drop below 30%, I activate the medium shield booster placed in my ships med. power slot. This drains energy fast, but can save me from costly repairs, not to mention the pain of losing a ship. My second medium slot module is a capacitor booster. I can load this module with capacitor refills and boost some energy back into the main capacitor. Ship saving for sure. If all else fails, I bail out, warping to a starbase to dock.

6. When I hear the satisfying "boom(s)" , I loot the wrecks, salvage what I can, and go about my business.

All of this in a matter of a couple minutes (sometimes less), though I've had battles against 10 or so rats that lasted several, looong minutes and cost me a good bit of armor. This is only a small fraction of the strategy in EVE. If you happen to read this and play EVE, feel free to give your own story/strategy. Just don't bash my play style, I'm still learning. Next, the story of a thief getting what he deserves! Goodnight and merry Christmas!!!

I love you and miss you Alicia!
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