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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Fat Man

Mining and hauling are two important parts of EVE. It's completely possible to go through EVE and never mine a single asteroid. But the ISK from selling ore and the value of these materials for production make it something that nearly everyone in EVE does from time to time. This ship, an Amarrian Industrial class, has enough space to transport a packaged destroyer (and possibly a cruiser with some expanded cargo hold modules). I trained up the skills and bought it for two reasons. The first is so I could transport the majority of my assets to another region, something closer to 0.5 sec space. The second reason was to put a mining turret in its single turret hardpoint for AFK mining. This is certainly not the most profitable way to mine, not even with a Miner II. Since I'd rather chat, surf, or read while mining, I venture to safe 0.9 space and mine asteroid after asteroid until all 5,000+ m3 of my cargohold is taken up. This keeps me in good terms with Alicia too.. hehehe.

Well, I had a good Christmas even though we didn't go to Clarksville. We were all still feeling a bit exhausted, and those of us that were coughing didn't want Mamaw and Papaw to get sick. Next weekend we'll be going to Clarksville, and I can't wait. I miss the family.. so much. I don't like the fact that we've always lived so far from our relatives. But I suppose it could be worse. Yesterday was an exercise in not doing a darn thing! I stayed in pajamas and didn't even taken a shower. Oh yeah!

Alicia called last night, thus completing the greatness of the day. I was so excited to talk to her that I left my Catalyst destroyer class in a 0.5 asteroid belt... hehe, it didn't take long for me to realize what I had done and run back to the computer. As expected, some NPC rats had spawned and nothing was left of my ship besides a few items in the cargo hold and some metal scraps that later sold for 104 ISK. I laughed about it and resumed my conversation with Alicia uninterrupted. What's really exciting is that today is eleven months for us! So close to a year, I can't believe it. More than likely, I'll be in Iraq for our two year mark, but that's okay. A year goes by so fast, it'll be fine. Even better, that'll probably pay for a small house.

Life is good.
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