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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I was doing a (horrible) mission in EVE where I had to go out to Deadspace and kill a pirate. Well, the pirate was protected by 3 guards in battleships... armed with heavy missiles. Needless to say I worked on this mission this morning for 20 minutes, and then after work for 30 minutes. Very difficult, but gave a lot of ISK and loyalty points (yay for level 2 missions). As I was looting and salvaging the wrecks, I noticed something unusual in my overview. It simply said "sign" . I looked at it to get a closer view and took the above screenshot. I looked at the description and all it said was "why?"
Why indeed...
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Anonymous Steven said...

I didn't watch out for the sign. I wish I had...


I'm very behind on reading any blogs at all. I've taken a little time to do it today. And I must say you talk a lot about Eve, heheh :P

It sounds like your bronchitis is clearing up, so that's good. Next time when I'm around I'll come visit you. I didn't want to at all last time because I don't need to get that sick heh. I mainly don't want to get that sick because I don't want to have to deal with all the hassle of going to a doctor. I have insurance and everything, but I don't want to try to figure out how to work the insurance with it now, and I'll DEFINITELY not want to work with it when I'm sick.

I'm rambling. Talk to you later.

9:30 AM  

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