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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Midnight Ponderosa!

I was going to go with "Late Night Ponders," but I decided that sounded too thoughtful. Though I have quite a few thoughts on my mind, it's certainly not to the point of making it sound so.. smart. Although, I don't say that to make it sound any less important. The first topic on my mind may be touchy for some, or just silly for others. However, I find it intriguing. Intriguing to the point of buying a book about it.

Ever read or hear about the ancient stories of the Hopi Native American tribes? If you have, and you've read the Bible as well, you probably noticed the striking similarity. I don't want to go into great detail yet, I want to wait until I have the book in my hands as a resource. From what I have read though, it's astonishing. It's to the point that I believe that, essentially, the Hopi tribe is Christian. Not at all the way we see Christianity though. Ever wonder about the people completely out of contact with the rest of the world? The ones that missionaries will probably never meet? I don't think that God would simply allow these people to die and go to hell without somehow giving them a chance.

The general idea for the Christian is that Christ is the one single way of salvation. I believe this is true. But let's say that one of these tribes believes in a "story" so identical to the Bible's that it could very well be the same story in different words. Parts of the story match events that are similar to things happening on the other side of the planet, no possible way for that information to reach them. I'm talking about even after the flood, so rule out the Pangea theory. I want to research this a lot more, but I'm beginning to believe that God spread His holy word in many ways other than the Bible. Am I saying that all religions work out to be Christianity? Goodness no. If you thought that for a second I either wasn't clear or you didn't read what I just typed.

The Hopi tribe speak of the ark, the flood, of a time similar to the tower of Babel (without the tower), a second coming of a saviour (generally speaking), the destruction of the world or the people due to evil (imbalance with nature = sin), not to mention several other bits of info. I really want to discover as much as I can about this. Every last bit I can salvage. I've always had a love for the Native American culture(s) and a great sadness for the cruel destruction that was brought on them. Me being a bit partial could cause me to read too much into this, but it's too intriguing to outright ignore.

At least for me...


The second thing on my mind is marriage. Bam! Threw you a fast ball, do you like that?? No, I haven't asked Alicia; I haven't even asked her father yet. But we've been talking about it a lot recently. It's exciting and it's something that will happen eventually. Most everyone knows I was engaged for quite a while with another girl. I can admit it was quite the mistake. The fact is, I was under a lot of emotional pressure due to basic training and the fact that everyone in the Army was saying "ZOMG UR TTOLLY GOING 2 IRAWQ AFTUR BAYSIK!!11!98" For some reason, this caused my mind to think "well, if I'm going to go to war, I might as well be married." This is one of those big times in my life where I look around and think "what the heck was I thinking?" I was fooling myself.

Here is where these two very different stories come together. If it weren't for that experience, I wouldn't have met Alicia. Not only that, but I wouldn't have been able to understand what I would experience with Alicia. She made me respect women more (I already did, but trust me, after the previous 'relationship', I needed to relearn respect for women), and I realized what true love felt like. I realized that is the same love for family and friends that you truly care about, and even more. It is this undying emotion, almost tangible presence, in my heart that lets me know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I would go through death for this woman. More than that, I would go through the most excruciating pain for this woman. Of course, the day that we hopefully have children will be the day that she goes through the most excruciating pain for the joy of life.. gosh. You know, the thought of that nearly brings a tear to my eye.

So, though the mistake of my past has somewhat scarred my record, and will more than likely seed doubt amongst my friends and family about the seriousness of our marriage, I have no doubts in my heart. Now I have to gather up all that courage and bundle it into a conversation with her Dad. No comment, the expression on my face (that I know you can't see right now) tells it all. For those that know me well, the big vein is popping out of my forehead. :)
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Oh yeah, ZOMG ITZ 2007!!!1 WTF?!


Anonymous steven said...

I'm not so doubtful of your consideration of marrying Alicia, primarily because she's not freaking insane. But yeah, congratulations for reaching a decision, and good luck ;)

11:54 AM  

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