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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Even More A Geek Than Before

Handy when comparing color quality in photoshop, chatting/browsing while playing EVE (whenever I'm not 2boxing), and just really cool. I did this before, but then it was a 17" and a 15". Not cool. I'm really enjoying the widescreen though. You know it's bed when the resolution is high enough to make digital artifacts obvious in DVD movies. True, not all DVD movies are encoded so poorly, but plenty are. Anyway, I'm tired and jumping about (as well as using far too many commas).

Not geeky enough? Well, recently I typed up a roleplay bio for my EVE character Mallikan. I enjoyed typing it and felt it fleshed out my character like no other character I've played. I mean, I've played roleplaying games, but I've never truly role played. Very geeky, but I've already got a great girl that loves me for who I am. So why not roleplay? :) The thing is, I enjoyed it to the point that I am considering starting another blog. Whenever something interesting is witnessed by Mallikan (and thus, me) in EVE, I can type a short story-like blog about it, completely roleplaying the event. Of course, this could be troublesome when involving players with names like "BigEd123" and such, but they can be easily replaced with "ore thief" or "merc" or "friend" . I don't know, could be fun. There really is an interesting level of involvement in EVE. Read one good EVE fiction in the magazine or on the site and you have to read another. Playing EVE and experiencing things that are exciting or funny causes a sort of creative spark. Plus, knowing the fiction, it's plausible for this universe to have such silly names. In the EVE universe, very young people can become pod pilots, and by the looks of some of the character portraits, they could pass for 17, 18, 19. The corp I am currently employed in is called "Plundering Penguins" . Could I involve that in the story? I think so, with a bit of fun.


Anonymous Alicia said...

I'm just not sure what to even comment here (shaking head). But as long as you are happy, I guess thats all that matters. I love you my "Even More A Geek Than Before" boyfriend!

8:52 AM  
Anonymous James Mills (Ackaroth) said...

Just stumbled upon this while googling "Plundering Penguins". Love ya, Mall!

10:28 PM  

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