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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Hate Night Naps

Where's Domo-kun?


Fell asleep, and now I'm up too late again. But I'm about to go to bed. Yaaaay... Anyhow, I have a linear polarizing filter coming in, as well as a 36exp roll of Kodak Pro UC100. This is some highly rated film, so I probably won't load it until I know I'll be getting some good shots. Maybe when the nurseries are filled with blooming flowers? Or I might chicken out completely and wait until a trip to Memphis.. which I might chicken out again. Do I really want to bring my classic SLR to Memphrica? I'd much rather have my digital stolen than my SLR. Not just because of the camera body (which is rare), but the lens (which is very rare). Sigh.. but I'll be stuck with so many poopy photos with the digital. I'll be stuck with macro shots since the little 6mm lens sucks at mid-distance. Perhaps I should go ahead and work some extra and purchase a Canon EOS or similar. I mean sure, $200 worth of camera body and lens would suck to get stolen, but at least I could replace it all without searching ebay and auctions for weeks.

Exciting stuff. It seems crazy to get into film, but it's my best option currently. I can do amatuer stuff without looking ridiculous with a point & shoot camera (which no one ever takes seriously). Besdies, these high end films look awesome! Comparing digital noise to film grain is an eye opening experience. Film grain can get ugly, yes, but not all the time. Digital noise is ugly all the time, every time, no questions asked. Just plain ugly. Add JPEG compression and it gets worse. Right now, even with the cost of film and developing, film is still the most cost effective option. Mainly because I don't have $700 to spend on a Canon Digital Rebel or a Nikon D70. At least this way I can have an SLR and still be able to purchase other lenses, filters, lighting equipment, and learn a whole lot more about exposures and timings.

So film it is.

This was (of course) taken with the A520. Four shots stitched, cropped, levels and curves adjusted in Photoshop CS2. Digital isn't completely useless... ;-)

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Anonymous matt grimm said...

so this was with your digital camera.? i like it but i wish there was a little more tree in it just a little though but thats just me

10:19 AM  

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