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Monday, April 10, 2006


Obviously, 1972 was a good year. I got a 6v battery (PX28L) and some black and white film from wal-mart. Nothing fancy, just a cheap 400 ISO test roll. At first I was a bit worried. See, the camera is supposed to take two small 3v "fat" batteries. However, it can accept a 6v PX28 battery... with a little force. The site didn't mention that the battery would be so difficult to put in. After about 10 painful minutes of pushing as hard as I could on the screw cap, and attempting to twist it down, the battery was in and I was ready to load the film. You know how long it's been since I loaded a roll of 35mm film? Years. You know how many times I've loaded 35mm film into a manual camera? Never. I looked more than a little perplexed at first, but I soon got it loaded.

I discovered two things: First, the aperture only adjusts when the camera is on. I was worried earlier when I was adjusting the aperture ring and it wasn't moving at all. However, no worries now! Second, I know nothing of light meters. The LEDs do not light up on the knob or even near it (the knob for adjusting shutter/ASA). It's simply two arrows when looking through the viewfinder. I set the ASA (400 in this case) and then I simply adjust the shutter speed and aperture until but arrows light up. If I need a faster shutter, the top arrow will light. Pretty awesome to a kid like me that thought this stuff was impossible in the 70's.

So now I've got a whole lot to learn. I'm loving it. Anyway, goodnight.

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