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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My window is fixed! Huzzah! I know I said I would post a picture of the damage.. but then I realized that the damage was simply the lack of a window. Very uninteresting. Nothing much new. I smell bad and I'm going to the rodeo tonight with Alicia and the others. Should be fun.. or something. Hehehe...

Yesterday I took 75 photos. Lots of panoramics, only a few didn't stitch. They're in my DeviantArt page if anyone wishes to view them. I'll post a few here though, just a teaser. ;-) I really enjoy taking pictures. Very few of my friends around here take an actual interest in my photography, and that doesn't really bother me, but it's nice to get real feedback now and then. I know it seems like I'm just snapping shots and tossing them on the web, but this is something I love. This is my passion. I think through most of my shots, and I carefully post them through photoshop. I'm not asking for much. I'm not asking anyone to subscribe to DeviantArt. I'm not trying to impress anyone. Just give a crap about what I love to do.
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Anonymous STEVEN said...

If anything your pictures arouse a sense of jealousy because my camera is broken :P

You are getting better though, I must say. Keep up the good work.

11:09 PM  

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