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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Broken Glass (I Got PWN3D)

Okay. This will be a quickie, but I promise to put pictures up tomorrow. First off, my brother didn't mean to really and it was definitely an accident.

We were sitting in the B. Marcum's parking lot, waiting for mom and dad. Alicia and I were sitting in my car and Nathan in his. Well, I start joking around with him, acting like I'm saying stuff about him and everything. He does it back. So he's looking away and I decide to grab a penny and chuck it softly at his car window. It harmlessly clicks off the glass and onto the ground. He's a bit startled by it, but laughs. One thing went wrong though.. He thought I threw a small rock. So he opens his door, steps out, and lightly chucks a small rock at my driver's side glass.

One thing I've learned about Toyota glass... it might as well be sugar glass. Seriously. The rock his will a small "clack" but is immediately followed by a horrible crashing sound. The entire window shatters all over my lap (I have a few tiny cuts on my arm) and my car. We both just stare in shock for a minute until we both bust out laughing. My laughing was of course laced with shock, anger, and total "WTF" .

I know, it sounds bad on my brother's part. But honestly, if you had seen this rock, you wouldn't have believed it to do damage. I was a little mad about it for a bit, but now I'm laughing about it. It was quite funny and shocking, I hold no anger towards my brother about it. However, I seriously doubt we'll be throwing anything near eachother's cars anytime soon. Live and learn. Now I hope I remember to grab some pictures tomorrow.

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