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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The First of What I Hope To Be Many More (Starting Now)

HA! Myspace.. Deviantart.. Two sites that have sucked up a good bit of time. Just recently has Deviantart actually produced decent results. I mean to say that I've actually had a decent number of views on my art. Myspace has sucked though. No comments and only a few views, no matter what I post. I'm getting very bored with it. I would probably leave it if it weren't for some close friends and a few military buddies.

Anyhow, so this is my new blog. I hope to update it fairly often. If anything, the adress is short and visitors won't be gunned down by an extreme amount of crappy ads. Myspace.. really, the "True" dating service ads SUCK. I am sick of seeing bags of skin stretched horribly thin across skeletons and then getting told that I should "GET BACK IN THE ACTION" . Um.. NO. I could care less about seeing this crap.

And now back to real life. I speant the entire weekend with Alicia (my g/f, for those that don't know). I am telling you (whoever you is.. er.. are.. whoever you may be), she is the most amazing woman I have ever met. First of all, we were able to spend that much time together without ever feeling crowded or like we needed space. That says a LOT in my opinion. Second, she is smart, sweet, loving, and caring beyond what I ever thought possible. As silly as it may sound, she has redefined my definition of non-family love. Third, she is GORGEOUS. I am indeed a very, very, very lucky man. I love her so much. But anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, the weekend. We watched six movies, including Super Troopers, Waiting, and SE7EN. Good times, indeed. Late Sunday I got stuck there for a bit thanks to a tornado warning, which also put everyone in the dorm basement. Those people are way too loud. But we all gathered around a table and played cards. We being Alicia, Matt, Paige, Katie, Brit, and myself. Egyptian Rat Screw is so much fun. I'm still twitchy from that. Alright, I'm rambling even more than usual now. Goodnight. I hope you enjoy the photo, it's mine. Go to http://leap.deviantart.com for more.


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