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Monday, April 10, 2006


I have finally decided on two things. The first is very important and was really difficult to decide on. I've decided to go ahead and at least give college a try. It's going to be difficult, no doubt. Especially since I've been out of school so long and I was never all that good in school anyway. I'm worried about math more than anything, but okay, maybe I can do it. So yeah, I'll be putting in my app again real soon so there are no mistakes. I have to pass the PT test for the Army to pay for it, something I've been having a huge issue with. I'm not sure what the deal is with my breathing, but I've got to keep trying.

The second decision is something completely awesome. I followed online information and did a full look over of my camera (the Yashica film camera) and all it needs is a PX-28 (6v alk battery) and a roll of standard 35mm film. The shutter took several 1/1000 sec "dry" shots to release the "sticky" feeling (due to oxidation, it is 34 years old afterall), but now it runs every shutter speed just fine! Even the 1 sec, which is the most common shutter speed to fail on this model. So after being baby-fed on digital for so long, I'm taking the film plunge. I'm really excited as this will take a lot of trial and error to get right. No instant results. I'm going to try and keep a note pad on hand so I can keep track of my shutter & ASA (ISO) speeds. This way I'll know what went right or wrong in each shot. Now, if the LED's still function, the shutter/ASA knob will have lights to assist in finding the proper setting for the scene. But if not, I'll have to go by what I already know.

The camera really is quite amazing for its time. First, it's a clone of an old Pentax camera of the same era. The M42 screw lens mount is the same, therefore I'll have access to the wide variety of M42 lenses. And I mean WIDE variety. I'm looking at a page full of them, ranging from $60-400, not bad for some awesome lenses. Not to mention that this camera has up to 1600 ASA (ISO), 1/1000 shutter speed, and even a custom shutter mode. On custom, it stays open as long as I keep the shutter pressed. That could take some getting used to for it to actually be of use, but a cool feature. I'm excited.. definately. Film, here I come!


Anonymous Steven said...

Paying for and developing film is going to suck...good luck though ;)

8:43 PM  

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