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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Second Fixed

And this is the OTHER one I screwed up...


Another day, another roll of Kodak BW400CN. I disregarded the dizzy diode meter in the viewfinder and shot completely on instinct of what I felt would be the proper shutter speed. I'm happy (and a little proud) to say that out of 24 shots, I only ditched about 4 or 5. I took notes on all of them, I believe I'll do that for all my shots from now on.. as long as I have the time to write down the speed/F number.

My right front tire will more than likely be flat in the morning.. so that sucks. I should go to bed now, but I had to post this for.. um.. whoever reads this. PLEASE. Give me some friggin' feedback if you read this! So yeah, it's just good to know that someone cares and that this isn't a complete waste of time. If anything, I do enjoy typing what's on my mind and posting photos, imagining that someone out there is looking at it and saying "wow, that's really good." For those that have commented, or told me in person or through MSN that you like my stuff or whatever, thank you! It means a lot. So, with that said, here are my favorites from today's film roll.

Alicia, 1/15 sec, F2.8
---Alicia, 1/1000 sec, F1.9
---Scotty, 1/250 sec, F2.8
---1/125 sec, F1.9
And because I actually worked for these photos, I feel I should put this...

All pictures copyright of Patrick Potts, do NOT reproduce in ANY form without my permission.

And if for any reason you think that it's not work to try and find the exact shutter speed/F number combination to achieve the desired photo, then YOU try lugging around this heavy camera and find some good shots. I love photography, but there is a LOT more that shooting around a getting lucky. Goodnight.

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Anonymous matt grimm said...

so are you getting the black and white done at walmart or wherever you are developing or are youusing b and w film. bt i like the one with the cat. and how are you getting them on your computer with the quality.

10:21 AM  

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