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Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Huge Fixed Post

Okay.. here is the huge post that fixes the lame mistake I made. You'd think when a site says "Upload from URL" it means that it's going to upload to the blog's archive, not link directly to the DeviantArt image link (something dA doesn't allow). n00bs... So now I have to copy & paste the previous posts and upload the pics from my hard drive. Good thing I don't have anything to do. Grr..

Shot through the mirror in the living room.

Well, the diode light meter system on the Yashica is off by about 2 stops. That means I can't trust it at ALL. Hahaha.. Out of 25 photos, only a few turned out decent. But I am extremely happy with this camera. I can already tell, even by the messed up shots, that this camera is all I've thought it would be. I can't wait to see my results now that I know not to go by the diode meter. Anyhow, some of the overexposed shots I salvaged and used as "old" shots. They look like they were taken a century ago and I love it. Anyway, enjoy these shots, they were resized and cropped off the wal-mart CD.

Some trees I got walking down the road. Not as overexposed, but still overexposed.

"Old" shot. It would've looked pretty cool had it not screwed up.

Now I think this looks cool. Even if it was a goof up. I absolutely love the 1.9 f/stop aperture on this lens! It creates such a dramatic depth of field.

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