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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Recent Shots

This is the entrance to Katz's in Austin. Apparently some Jewish guy started a chain of restaurants with super awesome sandwiches. As for the awesomeness of the sandwiches.. Check below!

Reuben on rye.. mmmm. This is only half of the crazy, over-stuffed sandwich. I ate every last bit and still wanted another! The atmosphere was nice too. It's strange that most of Austin is very.. erm.. "Northern." Oh, and lots of hippies.

Oh by the way, we ended up in Austin by doing 12 hours of this. Alicia did great, I might add. Especially going through Dallas past midnight while I was sound asleep.. oops.

Here's the capital building too. Pretty in a big city kind of way.

The other day, I woke up to a very ugly brown camera bag sitting in my chair. When I realized that it probably had a camera inside it, I jumped out of bed and opened it. To my absolute joy, mom had gone to a yardsale that morning and picked up a 1974 Minolta SRT Super with accessories. The accessories included: ugly brown camera bag, 1970's lens cleaning kit, MC Rokkor PF 50mm/1:1.7, Sun Opt. 70-210mm/1:4, and a Vivatar flash head. I've got a roll of Kodak 400BW ready to be developed tomorrow. Oh, and the other camera is my Papaw's old Minolta. Look alike don't they? That's because the SRT Super and the SRT 102 are the exact same camera. The difference is that the SRT Super is the Japanese version. You'll also notice the 50mm lenses are different. From what I can tell, the 50mm PF came before the superior 50mm Rokkor-X PG. When I'm not using the zoom telephoto, I'll likely be using the Rokkor-X as it's widest aperture is an astonishing 1.4f. That's some serious light intake! Not to mention that the Rokkor-X has better action and the glass appears to be of higher quality. However, the PF will not go to waste. Other than being a beautiful classic lens (with a weight that tells its age), it'll be a great lens to use in situations where a lens might get damaged. If it gets a scratch or worse, I won't be too upset.

Currently my full collection of classic cameras! 1970's Yashica TL-Electro SLR, Yashinon-DS 50mm/1.9, Minolta Rokkor-X 50mm/1.4, Minolta Rokkor-PF 50mm/1.7, Milda 35mm/2.8, Minolta SRT 102 SLR, Kodak Brownie: Hawkeye 620, Minolta SRT Super SLR, Sun Opt. 70-210mm/4 Zoom, Vemar 28mm/2.8. The SRTSuper and the Hawkeye work. The Yashica has a locked-up mirror and the SRT201 has a hole in the shutter. I am currently looking into a project to convert the Hawkeye to use 110 film instead of its native (and extinct) 620.
Listening To: Spoon - The Delicate Place - Gimme Fiction - 2005

Monday, March 05, 2007


This weekend will be an exciting trip to Texas with Alicia. Probably an 8+ hour drive and at night, but we'll be trading spots as we drive. I'm always up for roadtrips, especially to places I haven't been (well, not that part of Texas). YEEHAW! Yeah, typical suckfest of a blog. Welcome to the suckfest. Hey, we got some more for the suckfest here! Here's some screenies and such.
---From the Beside You In Time DVD extras! Yep, you know you're making awesome music when you can play a tambourine and your fans still say "Yeah, I can dig that."
Well, EVE hasn't destroyed my FPS skills completely. I kept up with my kill-to-death ratio, but I still saw my dead body flung over stuff far more than I'd like. Let me tell you though, CS:S in 16:10 means that I'm not killed by corner campers near as much! Good times. As for LCD "ghosting" : not present even in fast paced situations. However, Vsync is a must as most of the game plays well over 75 fps, thus making the 75 Hz refresh rate cry like a baby.
Made a trip to the Amarr Empire to pick up some BPC's and decided to check out Amarr Prime. Cool looking scenery, there was even a monument there that was cool looking. Adios!