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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Great Weekend

If you look at my hand on her side, it's cupped because I'm holding the ring. At that moment, I was thinking "crap! what if she notices that?"

In fact, the best weekend ever. It was all too short, as most good things are, but excellent. I picked up Alicia and Rebecca and went with them to their family reunion in Lebanon, TN (at the state park there). It was really cool seeing all the family again since Christmas, really great people. Plus it was a chance to use the new Canon 50mm lens I got. It's a good lens for sure, but the depth of field is rarely forgiving for poorly focused shots. Heh, but that's expected from an f/1.8.

Oh right! This isn't about a lens, this is about a beautiful love story spanning a whole year and four months. Well, Saturday night, I stepped outside at one point to talk to Alicia's mother (mom! yay!) about an idea my mom and I thought up. Earlier that day, Alicia's mom had taken a photo of us with my camera. Alicia complained that I wasn't "smiling for real" in it, which was the perfect setup. So, I told her mom that the next day (Sunday) I wanted her to get another photo of us, and that is when I would ask. She totally started to tear up! Just for the record.. ;)

Sunday morning things were pretty crazy. Trying to get everything packed and everyone ready to go by 12:00 was a little hard. I ended up getting a good pic of the family, on about 4 different cameras, then I had a chance. I talked to her mom and she said she couldn't, things were too busy, but said to get her sister Rebecca to do it. So I walk over to them and say "I need you and you." Alicia thought we were going to do the picture inside since it was hot, but she thought wrong. She seemed a little annoyed that it had to be outside, and a little more annoyed that it had to be up a trail some. This was all great though since it meant she had no idea there was a ring in my pocket! Later, she says that she should have picked up on me being so sweet to her and not picking on her all morning, even though she was grumpy. I always pick on her when she's grumpy, so yes, she really should have known something was up!

So we go up the trail to some stone benches around a campfire spot. We sit down, we smile (for real this time), and I ask Rebecca to show me the shot. I glance at it and say "try it like this," using my hands to describe holding the camera different. At this moment I saw a gleam of the ring in my hand and thought for sure the gig was up! But she apparently didn't see, I think she was too busy thinking "ugh, that picture was fine, let's go back." Rebecca steps back and lifts my camera up again. I stop her and say, "wait, let me try a different pose." So I dropped to a knee and held the ring out. Alicia initially thought I was joking around and had that look of "that's not nice!" Until she looked down and saw the ring in my hand. Then I asked. There was a really big "yes" and a bunch of hugs and kisses. She cried to! Woo! That means I win. I win the cry award. But then I cried later when her Grandmother talked to me and told me some very sweet things. Then it was all hugs and handshakes from there.

Thanks for the wonderful photos Rebecca! You did great for never using my camera before.

Gosh I miss her. Sigh.. won't see her again for a few weeks! Not fair!


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