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Sunday, May 20, 2007


It's a sad day for the Deviant Art browse feature. Yesterday I attempted to find even more great artists to watch, only to be completely disappointed. I used to avoid looking at Daily Deviation picks or using the "Popular" option for recently added browsing. I went through 4 pages (120 shots each) of crap on DA yesterday. Four fricking pages! It's obvious that the emo kids are getting more computer time now since that's all that is on there. These morons don't even have the sense to properly place the categories. A picture of your fat emo friends lounging around, taken with your favorite $50 Wal-Mart special does NOT qualify as a spontaneous portrait! It's an f'ing snapshot, take it somewhere else, DA is for ART! It's not your new livejournal.

So here I am, diving through the week's most popular photos and trying to find the unknown artists through watch lists and interesting comments left on good art. Emo kids.. please, hurry up and /wrists. You're right, your lives really aren't worth it. Now go cry in your dark corner and draw another crappy picture of Emo Spider-Man.

listening to: Nine Inch Nails - Slipping Away - Things Falling Apart
(though the track and album titles to this song sound emo, it's far from it. "Classic" NIN circa 1999.)


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