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Monday, March 05, 2007


This weekend will be an exciting trip to Texas with Alicia. Probably an 8+ hour drive and at night, but we'll be trading spots as we drive. I'm always up for roadtrips, especially to places I haven't been (well, not that part of Texas). YEEHAW! Yeah, typical suckfest of a blog. Welcome to the suckfest. Hey, we got some more for the suckfest here! Here's some screenies and such.
---From the Beside You In Time DVD extras! Yep, you know you're making awesome music when you can play a tambourine and your fans still say "Yeah, I can dig that."
Well, EVE hasn't destroyed my FPS skills completely. I kept up with my kill-to-death ratio, but I still saw my dead body flung over stuff far more than I'd like. Let me tell you though, CS:S in 16:10 means that I'm not killed by corner campers near as much! Good times. As for LCD "ghosting" : not present even in fast paced situations. However, Vsync is a must as most of the game plays well over 75 fps, thus making the 75 Hz refresh rate cry like a baby.
Made a trip to the Amarr Empire to pick up some BPC's and decided to check out Amarr Prime. Cool looking scenery, there was even a monument there that was cool looking. Adios!


Anonymous Alicia said...

Texas is going to be awesome!!! I can't wait!

7:43 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

YO. I have missed a lot of posts. I'll be catching up on these shortly. I'll probably post all of the comments related to previous posts here.

10:01 AM  

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