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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

North & South

In the past couple days (in EVE), I have practiced two very different play styles. The first being marketing. Yep, spending my gaming hours looking at price sheets, regional averages, trends, and setting up orders. The idea is basic for short term sell orders: find a region or system that has a common item selling cheaper than dirt and buy it all up. I set up buy orders anywhere from 100 units of sometime all the way to 5000 units, depending on the price. Once a large bit is bought, I spend a couple hours shuttling through the region, picking up all the orders. After I gather up a sufficient amount, I then set my autopilot for whatever region I found to have the best prices. This is the beauty of a player run market. My best sales recently involved selling things for quadruple their market value only two regions away. Lazy people with too much ISK, makes me rich! Well.. fake rich, but hey, I'm having fun. Sometimes the market on a certain item gets ruined before I get a proper chance to sell the large amount I have left. This is where my studying of the price trends comes into play. I can either see that a year ago the price made the same drop, but doubled in a month, or that it's been on a constant slight rise, big drop for a long time. I don't know why I enjoy this, but I do.

Oh, and I've been doing L3 missions in my new Battleship! Too bad I can't use large beam turrets yet. Goodnight.---
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