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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


My camera and equipment is scheduled to arrive Thursday! At first I was excited, but now I'm just stressed about it. Why? Because it requires a signature, regardless of the fact that I signed and sent that "never sign" form. That REALLY irks me. I know it's expensive gear, but still, we've never had a problem. So now I've got to work that day, wondering if I'm going to come home to a note on the door telling me that the package I've been waiting years for is being held in Paducah! Gah, I'm so impatient.

I ended up changing the order slightly when the sales rep called me (at work, which is ok) to verify. He made the offer of adding $79 to make the 2GB memory card a highspeed card (which the Rebel XT's do take good advantage of). This is something that costs about $250+ by itself. I turned it down though since I really didn't need a speed card. But then he offered to "throw-in" (I hate that sales term) an extra Cannon battery for the same price. That $79 for an easy $300 worth of stuff. And yes, I made sure it was all brand new and quality items.. hehehe. It bumped the final price to $898, which I was able to safely spend.

So yeah, another fairly boring blog, but an update nonetheless. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but honestly I don't even feel much like myself. I'm actually pretty upset with myself since my phone conversation with Alicia last night didn't go well at some points. Even though we're fine and by the end of it we were definately fine, I still hate the fact I was being so moody with her. But anyway, all is well and I just had to type that so I could move on and stop worrying about it! Now to work.
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Currently Reading: J.D. Salinger - The Catcher In The Rye (but I'm about to give it up.. ugh. Stupid language!)


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