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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Digital Cross-Processing

Cross-Processing is a darkroom technique involving developing E6 transparency slide film in C-41 chemicals, or developing C-41 color negative print film in E6 chemicals. I finally found a way to simulate this effect in photoshop via a great tutorial on dA. I haven't got it memorized yet, and I doubt I will. Memorizing the plot points on Photoshop's Curves table is quite difficult. Anyway, here are the examples. Once again, Steven is the lucky victim. Hehehe.. Hope you don't mind, man.

Before and after, of course. To me, the shape of Steven's face appears to be thinner in the right photo... but I'm pretty sure it's just some slight warping on my monitor since I didn't do any skewing or transforms. Anyway, all I did to the first photo is the auto-levels adjustment and +3 to saturation.
More to come...

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