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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Woohoo! Almost vacation time for me! It's kind of short, but still a vacation. Tomorrow I'm working my butt off day and night shift, then it's home free. Saturday I'm going to chill, pack, and hopefully get some good photos. Probably Sunday (if not Sunday, Monday morning, waiting on a for sure from Alicia) I'll be leaving for Memphis! I won't be back till Tuesday night. I can't frickin' wait, it's going to be awesome. We're not 100% on plans, but we know we'll be seeing Over the Hedge. :-P We're not so good at that whole planning thing. Heh.. it doesn't matter, it's going to be great to just spend time with her and her family. They're all great people.. I can't wait!

Anyway! I'm obviously in a much better mood since my last post. I think it helped a lot to talk to Steven and mom about it some. Alicia is doing much better too, I think she really needed to get out of the house. Haha.. she went to the lake with some of her friends and ended up getting a crazy bad sunburn. O NOES! No hugs for Patrick?? Heh, but it should be better by the time I get there. At least well enough for a hug or two or twenty. Or schfifty-five.

So yeah, I've been doing this crazy thing lately. I've been making vocal recordings for Alicia as another thing to help take up all the space on the CD's I've been sending her (since my writing is awful). It's good fun and actually more helpful than writing/typing stuff on my mind. Of course, it's a little weird when people are here since I'm a bit shy about that sort of thing. Oh, and playing it back and hearing myself laugh is a bit lonely sounding. Haha.. kind of funny and really sad. ;-) I love Adobe Audition 2.0's effects and processes. I also love how smoothly several tracks still run with 1 GB of ram (hint hint Joel, you say 512 is good for you, try 1 GB, trust me). OH! And my absolute favorite feature is the Surround Encoder!! Hahaha, I made several audio tracks of different noises like whispers, slaps, and breathing. Sounds lame right? Well, after about 15 minutes of effects, editing, and surround encoding, it was crazy creepy. It's a little hard to get the hang of at first, but the learning curve is pretty short.

I've ranted far more than intended, so adios! OH yeah, and thanks Steven for the links. Good news about the Windows image format, that should cut down the space my gallery takes up considerably. I've seen that panoramic before, but I didn't get to spend much time on it, so it was good to get the link again. Friggin' amazing. Haha.. And I'm hungry, later.

All photos taken with the Yashica. The first three were shot using my standard 50mm lens. The last shot was taken with my new 28mm. The first and third were shot on cheap Fuji SuperHQ 200. The second and fourth were shot on Kodak 400UC (obvious by the amount of grain.. Hehe, it's okay, I'm getting some better film soon).

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