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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

OW! My bum!

Yesterday I noticed a huge nasty bump on my back. It resembled a spider bite. Mom and I watched it. This morning it hurt worse, was even bigger, and had started to come to a head. I feel sick to my stomach. I go to work, work for a little while and go to Dr. Seng's office to try and get an appointment for after work. He's out of town due to a death in his family. So I go back to work, feeling worse and worse. So I finally decide "whatever, if it's a spider bite, they'll fix it. If not, at least they can tell me why it's making me so sick." And I go to the ER. Lucky for me they aren't busy. So I get in and they check me out, blah blah blah, a while later the doc comes in and says at a glance "That's a staff abscess. We'll take care of that before it gets much worse." So yeah, I got a perscription for antibiotics and a shot in the bum. My leg and butt hurt hahah.. kind of funny, but it sucks. So yeah, I don't really feel much better, but a little I guess. Anyway, back to.. whatever. :-P

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