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Friday, May 12, 2006


Taken with the Canon A520 after yesterday's rain.

Soon I shall be leaving for Nashville to attend Kevin's graduation in the morning. I'm (of course) bringing the Yashica and some film, but I'm all out of B&W film! O NOES! But that's okay, I have a roll of 100UC in, and a roll of 400UC out. I'm bringing a tripod for some Nashville at night long exposure photography. Oh, and as for the light leaks, I don't have the foam kit yet (of course, I just bought it yesterday). So I went totally ghetto and covered the back with a piece of black cloth. I cut it from an old shirt and used thick/tight rubber bands to hold it securely to the back, cutting a notch for the viewfinder. It was either that or I cover the creases with shipping tape again. This looks ghetto, but not nearly as ghetto as shipping tape.

Oh yeah...


So anyway, I'm leaving here pretty soon. I'm pretty tired.. I can see myself having to stop and I haven't even left! That suuuucks. Oh well, be back tomorrow!

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Anonymous steven said...

w00t. I graduated today.

8:24 PM  

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