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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Taken with my poor, sick Yashica on Kodak 400UC. I had to either do an awful crop or isolate the subject, thanks to a huge red blob. After isolating, I desaturated the reds through a mask so I could reveal the reddish/orange reflectors without having the red brick reflecting on the glass. I then bumped up the saturation of yellow. Such a bright little Cooper. Too bad I didn't get a pic of the midnight blue NB Miata...

Wow, not too long ago, I hit 3,000 pageviews on my main dA page. Well, I'm looking at 3,949 right now. :-D Of course, with the mass of recent additions, that'll be 4,000 sooner than I know it. Even better than main page views, my deviations total (all 238 of them) have received 5,826 views. Oh, and currently, I've commented 1,337 times.. hahahah. Yeah, so anyway, I'm finally getting a lot of attention on dA. Yay!
Rebecca, Alicia's sister, and Alicia. I cropped this one, burned out the distracting hair between them and put a distracting (oops) title between them. Levels didn't need adjustment thanks to Kodak's very friendly 400UC film. I was even nice enough to both of them to "clean" the image and remove some of the finer, less flatterring details that come with a face close-up.
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