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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Yashica!

Finally! Now for the stuff that I'm actually somewhat proud of.
FYI: 1972 Yashica TL-Electro, Yashinon 50mm DS lens, Tiffen Polarizing filter, Kodak BW400CN film, minimal post processing in CS2 (levels, size, frame, and sometimes cropping).
Enjoy! I know I enjoyed taking the shots.. fully manual for the win!
Nathan sitting at my computer watching Grey's Anatomy. Looks like he's doing something much more important though. Not a planned shot, I was bored and decided to snap one off. I've got to say though, if I put my digital to ISO 400 and tried to take a picture in my room, it would look horrible. This just has a nice soft grain. Well, nice in my opinion. Anyway, talking way too much about a simple snapshot.
This is one of my absolute favorites! It's a cliche, yes, but it's actually a difficult shot to pop off with a full manual. She was walking, so I had to set my aperture and exposure, then swing the camera up and focus quick. I predicted a little with my focusing and it turned out great. In my opinion, it fits the mood of the day, minus the violent wind. But I have a lot more emotional attachment to the moment and the subject, so maybe it sucks to someone else's eyes. Not mine though, not at all. Just saying.
With this one, I was completely unaware of the bright railing in the right of the shot. I regret that much of it, not to mention the ugly white pipes that clearly scream "this train is out of service lol". But I still dig the shot, especially the smooth metal tones. I did another version of this, cropped. The grain is a little more visible, however, I don't think it detracts from the shot.

As you can see, I took the full resolution file, cropped out the railing, framed, and resized.
The odd aspect ratio is distracting to me, but I still prefer this version.
Gritty, rusty, and huge. I think I want to get some more photos of this beast.. hehe B&W is definately the only way to photo this train engine.
Front shot of the train engine. Notice the people standing next to it. It is huge.
Let me just say this.. shooting a train that's moving at a decent speed is pretty difficult with a full manual. You should've seen me fumbling the camera tried to get it wound for another shot (this is the second shot of two total) and then refocusing as fast as I could. I wish I could've done something about the big black post on the right.

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