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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm Allergic

Got off work early today thanks to some allergies. I was no good to the kitchen at all.. Ugh, I hate that feeling. My face felt swollen, my jaw and sinuses felt swollen, my nose was stuffed completely (and yet still running non-stop), my eyes were swelling, my eyes were bloodshot, and I was miserable. My face even started itching! I have no idea what caused it, but it's better now that I've loaded-up on some meds. It sucks that I'm lacking a full hour of work.. argh.

Well, my lens cap, Kodak UC100 film, and polarizing filter will be coming in soon! Sahweeet! I wanted to spend some quality time with the Yashica today, but my allergies will probably stomp me again.. sigh. I want to do more people shots, but I'm pretty shy about going around and getting some! Afraid of getting this awesome camera stolen and also afraid of coming across some redneck douche that finds it offensive and hitting me. In the face. Not to mention (especially around here) that it's very unusual for someone to be walking around with a camera taking serious photos. By serious I mean that they aren't snapshots, they're thought out. Anyway, I'm thinking too much into this and not making it any better. I need to take a day to drive down back roads with the digital, the Yashica, and a bunch of film. Get some good farm, landscape, and natures shots. I just don't feel brave enough to go to Fulton and take shots, even though there are plenty of excellent people shots to take.

PP out.
(nevermind the silly snapshots in this post, not in a serious mood.. heheh)

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