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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day of Rest?

Panoramic stitched from six shots in Photoshop CS2. Taken with Canon PowerShot A520.

Gah! I am so tired! My fault completely though. I couldn't sleep at all, so I stayed up till three tooling around with the panoramics I took. I think I'll take a nap over at Alicia's later since she has to study. Blarrrrrgh, I would take a nap now, but then I'll be up all night again. Which I guess I could say the same for taking a nap over there.. but the other reason for not taking a nap is so I can see when she comes online. Anyhow, all that stuff is just.. uh.. stuff. Or something

Taken with the Canon A520. It's too bad I didn't catch this little guy in the middle of some aphid devouring action.

Nope, nothing really interesting to type here today. I should've brought my Yashica to church today. I thought about it, but I got too scared. The furthest I took it from home was when I went to Martin with it. I'm scared to really do much with it and that's bad. That's why I'm so interested in getting a Canon Rebel K2. And again, that's not the point. I saw a lot of great portraits there at church, and with this film, I can actually take a good photo without flash indoors (no blurring!). But I don't know.. it may just be considered too "weird" to bring a camera to church. Which shouldn't bother me really. If I really want to do photography, I'm definately going to have to do things outside of my "comfort zone" .

Canon A520 again. I couldn't get a good shot of this hoverfly's face without disturbing him.

In related "news" , my DeviantArt page has hit 3,125 pageviews! I just hit 3,000 a day ago. So I've gained 1125 views since March, 11th ! That's pretty awesome. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have so far added 105 deviations just this month. More to come, no doubt. Pageviews is one thing.. what really matters is total deviation views. Hehehe.. the total number of views my gallery submissions have received: 5,324 .

Canon A520 again. Full shutter and full aperture makes for great sunset detail.

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