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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Busy Weekend

Taken with Canon A520, cropped, levels adjusted, and color balance adjusted.

I had to work tonight.. first night in a long time. I had to work the dishroom. I didn't mind it really. I mean hey, 6 extra hours on a check is awesome. OH! Not to mention that my car insurance is now half the price it was before! Perhaps my safe driving has finally paid off. I sure hope so, $212 is much easier to handle every three months as opposed to $468. Uh.. so yeah, that's cool. This is a really scattered post. I'm crazy tired. Anyway, I posted some new stuff on dA, hope you like it. Tomorrow Alicia, mom, Brit, and I are all going to Collierville (Memphrica) for the Fair at the Square. It's going to be awesome fun. I've got a partial roll of Kodak 400UC left in the camera, plus a roll of 400Tmax, another roll of 400UC, and a trusty roll of BW400CN. :-D I can't wait.. I love this dinosaur of a camera. Speaking of love, I love you Alicia, thanks for everything. I'm sleeping now, goodnight.

Taken with Yashica, Kodak BW400CN. Cropped.


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