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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Not At Home

I'm in Alicia's dorm room right now. Nothing much going on really. Her and Brit had to do laundry and study. Though it would've been fine to just sit with Alicia through this, I decided to stay in the room and go through the 140 deviations sitting in my dA message box. I got a whooole lot done, but I'm sure it'll hit 200 again by tomorrow. Oh well, soon I'll have enough free time to keep it at a few. That's really going to suck. I'm totally not looking forward to Alicia leaving for summer. I honestly don't want her to go and wish there was a way that she could stay. But there isn't, and I'm at least happy about the fact that she'll be at home and with her family. I get to visit her too, which is really awesome since her whole family is great. We're still planning on going to the zoo, botanical gardens, and.. uh.. well.. I don't know what else exactly, but it'll be fun.

Her room looks so drab now. Before she had a ton of stuff on the walls, everything from cartoons to a picture of the pope. Very interesting. Now it's very uninteresting and blank. Makes the whole room feel cold. But anyway, I'm sure it's much worse for her, she's been in it for a lot longer. I've got to say though, this room still holds fond memories. For one, our first kiss was in here. And the time she told me happy birthday when the clock hit 12:00 AM. Sigh.. yeah. I'm excited already for when she comes back. I can't imagine how happy I'll be. Hahaha... Lots of hugs for sure.

Anyway, later I'll be posting a picture of our totally awesome Scrabble game. Let me just go ahead and say, one of the "words" was "LOLS" . Oh yes, it was fun. Oh, and I have new tires... Yay.

Currently Listening To: The Cold and Lonely Silence - Alicia's Dorm Room - Air Conditioning - 2006


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