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Saturday, May 13, 2006


The Yashica, of course. Kodak BW400CN film. The weird "soft" areas are light leaks. I feel they actually help this image look old and rough.

There's one job that I haven't considered until now. It's unusual in a way, and then it's not. I got an e-mail in my AKO about joining the United States Postal Service, suggesting that the starting hour rate is a whopping $17/h. Apparently, military experience is a huge advantage. Who would've thought?! So for everyone that is wondering "what job will Patrick want next" , it's postal service employee! Hahaha.. But seriously, it sounds good. I can get my life started and start getting all the stuff I need for a photography studio (including, OMG, a house). I mean yeah, being a police officer is still an option, but usps is a lot safer. I'm pretty excited and really hoping that this will pull through. No reason why it shouldn't really. I meet all the requirements and all I've got to do is fill out the application online. Then they'll send me a packet including the date and time of my exam. Yes, an exam. How hard could an exam for mail carrier be? 35 lbs. on shoulders? Boohoo, 70 lbs. rucksack through basic/ait. Able to lift 70 lbs. ? Yep. Hours on foot? Roadmarches. Dogs? FISTS!!

Yeah, forget that last one. So there you go, that's the next big career plan from Mr. Potts. At least I'm gathering options now instead of just ditching the previous option. And photography is still the goal of the job. I really can't wait to talk to Alicia about this. I think she'll be much happier thinking of me being a postal worker than a cop. Hahaha.. Anyway, it's late and I am tired. I had a great time in Nashville. That was the longest graduation EVER. I mean EVER! But it was uber nice. That food at the reception was.. amazing. I can still taste the strawberries. And my ears are still burning from Jeff letting me listen to some of the worst "music" I have ever heard.

Yes, he collects terrible music. It's quite funny if not a tad depressing. ;-)

Currently Listening To: Yellowcard - Only One - Ocean Avenue - 2003


Anonymous steven said...

You playing FPS a lot plus being a postal worker = BOOM HEADSHOT...because, you know, postal workers go crazy...

Well actually they don't, that's just a very inaccurate stereotype. Other jobs have had their share of just as many if not more crazy people.

Good luck with that. You coming to church today?

6:41 AM  

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