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Sunday, May 14, 2006

DeviantArt is Slow

I got my first roll of 100UC (100 ISO) put on CD last night. I'm pleased with some of the results, but I definately overcompensated the exposure. Out of 34 exposures (haha, still didn't use all 36), I got eleven usable shots. That's not too bad, but I definately glad I got it put on CD instead of prints. So now I've cleaned up eleven in photoshop and I'm attempting to load them to dA. dA is busy as usual with all its gothemo kids posting "art" . By art, it's either "Yu-Gi-OMG THIS SUCKS" or a webcam/cellphone cam/crapcam shot of themselves.. taken by themselves.. in their basement.. with full undiffused flash. These morons have gotta know that it looks like crap, and yet they post it in the Art Photography section instead of Scraps or Snapshots. Gah.. I wish they'd hurry up and reach the suicide phase of their goth metamorphosis.

So anyway! I've still got a roll of BW waiting to be developed. I'll probably do that in CD and prints as I have better luck with the quality and exposure of my black & whites. Another good thing is that my ghetto rigged black cloth worked great at getting rid of the light leaks. It will definately work until my foam kit comes in. It'll look crazy ghetto, but hey, it's a classic. I'm um.. protecting it. Yeah. Protecting the leatherette backside.

Speaking of classics! I came across a Yashica n00b at the graduation reception. He had two classic Nikon F3's. They looked great, though the F3 logo looked a little scratched up on one. I talked to him for a minute and already knew he was not someone to hold a camera conversation with. He saw my camera and got this "know it all" camera guy voice saying that "the first Yashica came out in 1973 and it was a rangefinder." First off, you don't just state that to someone holding a 1972 TL-Electro. Second, the douche-bag tone was enough to make me want to kick him in the nuts. So, Mr. Look At My Classic Nikons, here's a little bit of info for you!

The first Yashica was, in fact, a rangefinder. The Yashica 35 debuted in April, 1958 for ¥18,000, featuring an f/1.9 lens. Another version of the 35 debuted at the same time with an f/2.8 lens. Before the first Yashica SLR, there were seven rangefinders introduced. Ranging in price from ¥9,800 - 28,200.

It wasn't until March, 1960 that the first Yashica SLR was introduced. I'm having a difficult time finding complete information on the Pentamatic I, but from what I can tell, it had its own mount type (not a universal like the M42 mount, though I can't confirm this), shutter speeds from 1/1000 - 1 including bulb (with the X speed at 1/60), and an analog light meter located above the shutter selector. From what I understand, it also came with an f/1.8 Yashinon 50mm lens (much like my f/1.9 Yashinon 50mm). Like I said, I'm having a difficult time finding complete information on it.

As far as large format, medium format, and twin lens cameras go, I'm unsure as to when they released those. Quite possibly before their first rangefinder. Yeah, take that camera guy. Douche. No one loves you because you think you're smart. Try a little research. Not like I put much effort into this research, but at least I verified the dates from an actual Yashica/Kyocera (they merged in the 80's) fax scan on a camera site. Yeah, I guess it's official.. I'm a photography geek.
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Both photos taken with the Yashica on Kodak 100UC film. Taken at the Belmont graduation reception.


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