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Sunday, June 04, 2006


This is called "split toning." It's the effect of making a black & white image have a colorized look. I've memorized this technique and will be working to bend it every way I can for any color combination I want. Why don't I just use the duotone feature provided by Adobe? This way offers more control.
This is what I call the "scary mud" technique. I first converted the image to sepia. Either by filter or by toning, either way works. I used the virtual photographer plug-in for Photoshop. After that, create a new levels adjustment layer and adjust the midtones (middle) slider under the details in the image appear harsh a defined. Flatten the image and duplicate the background layer. Apply heavy gaussian blur to the 2nd layer and invert it. Change the blend mode to Color Burn. On this image I desaturated by -45 using a hue/saturation adjustment layer afterwards. I made one of Alicia and I, but it look absolutely evil. To the point of not even saving it. Hahaha.. but it looked like we were two gremlins covered in mud, even or teeth. Thus the "mud" part of the name. So yeah, I'm have a good time. Perhaps when the lighting becomes better outside I'll grab some more shots. I'm not in a photography mood today unfourtunately. I need to get a roll from the Minolta developed before Friday though, so I can see if I need to refoam it any.
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