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Thursday, May 25, 2006

MySpace Did Something Right

It's funny. Myspace has a "delete from friends" option for bulletins. That means that when I read one of these farking stupid chain posts of "I'm gonna be a mommy!" or "I'm an emo douche-bag with no social skills so I add everyone I come across on myspace and post half naked pictures of myself because I have no self-worth and will never amount to anything but a disgusting waste of space!" I can quickly terminate that "friend" . Seriously, this stuff is retarded. "O NOES! OMG I WON"T HAV LIEK SEX FOR 700 YEARS IF I DON"T ROPEST THSI!!!!11!!1!!1!" Listen you flaming rectum, if you really believe that, you probably won't have sex the rest of your life, let alone a meaningful relationship. If I could, I would slap you. But instead you'll just get the axe from my list.


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