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Sunday, July 09, 2006


First things first! Steven!! Thanks for helping mom while I was gone. The RMA is still going through, but hopefully Monday I'll order her another drive. Probably an 80GB. The reason (I'm sure you're wondering) why I got her a 160 GB is for some extra storage for me. She wouldn't mind.. hehe. But anyway, I'll just get myself an SATA drive. I can't belive how fast it is (hah, was) compared to mine.

Next thing I'm excited about, I'm leaving today (in about an hour) to see Alicia all day! Yaaay, I can't wait. I haven't seen her in almost three weeks.

And then the HUGE thing I'm excited about... I just spent $830. Canon Digital Rebel XT w/ 18-55 AF Lens, 2 GB memory card, camera case, lens cleaning kit, and a M42 mount adapter (so I can use my Yashica lenses). It'll be here probably by the end of the week. Oh, and I made sure none of it was refurbished. ;-)

Shooting full resolution RAW format is going to fill my HD fast though.. good thing memory is constantly getting cheaper.
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