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Friday, June 16, 2006

Memphis Again

I'm leaving for Memphis today at 12:00. I'll be back Sunday night as usual. When I come back, I'll have two short days to prepare and relax before I fly out for annual training.
This is my latest desktop setup. If it shows 1024x786, it's really not, Blogger sizes down overly large images usually. I'm using 1152x for my res. Anyway, the theme is one of the latest after the release of AstonShell 1.9.2 Beta 3. Features a desktop Google search, animated start menu button, and support for a ton of new elements and plugs (which aren't developed yet). I still need to modify the top bar and line it up for my resolution.. hah oops. So yeah, I use Yahoo Widgets for the weather, the stock ticker, spelling bee (instant spell check.. hehe), and picture frame. The picture frame is set to my screensaver gallery and is set to change the photo every 5 minutes.

Without Yahoo Widgets running (and no other app running) the RAM usage is just over 230 mb. Not bad, not bad.
Currently Listening To: DragonForce - Black Winter Night - Valley of the Damned - 2003