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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Countdown

A meerkat (also known as a meekrat to us cool people). I would've done a much better crop, but that darn light leak.. :-(


Hmmmm, only about a week and I'll be gone for Wisconsin to be a soldier for a while. I'm not to worried about it. It's amazing to see how I go from confused and "what will I do?" to knowing exactly what I'm doing and completing my duties as they're given to me. My training was good I guess. Hehe... Alright, so Memphis was crazy fun. I gave my digital to Enoch when we went to the zoo and told him to take as many pictures as he wanted. He loved it! Haha, got some good shots too. Some were better than mine thanks to a hole in the shutter of the Minolta. The light metering on the Minolta is spot-on, by the way. It's totally analog needle metering, and it rules. Anyway, it didn't help the light leak any. All my shots got a "ghost" burn in the lower right of the image. So yeah, I had to do some crazy cropping. Other than that, I'm totally not used to the camera and screwed-up several shots. Sigh... But yeah, it's still got a big bundle of potential if I could fix the cloth shutter.
---A "surprise" picture of Alicia when she was all dressed-up for a clogging event. She's going to kill me for this! Hahahaha!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait hold on why are you going to wisconsin?? ~katie graczyk

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