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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vinsten's Re-Education

The road to being promoted in the guild "Evil Ones" is a little more than... bumpy. Try taking a trip across the world to a forest full of beasts I can't even see the levels of (Feralas). Then being ordered by Big Brother to take off everything except my guild tabard (though I still have my Azure Silk Hood on here). Then to be summoned to none other than The Two Collosals, with the rest of the guild there (including my brother). These are places so tall, that when viewing from the bottom, the game "fog" meant to clip out terrain at max distance (my slider is at max too) begins to clip the mountain. Well, when I was summoned, I dropped right on the very edge of the cliff, but not off. I was supposed to fall. So BB duels me, I don't attack. Whoever attacks BB is a traitor and guilty of treason against The Party. He casts fear on me, intending for my body to go running off the cliff. My uncontrolled body runs all along the edge, but not off. Again, I was supposed to fall. So finally, he tells me I must prove my loyalty to BB by throwing myself off. I say "gladly!" and throw myself off.

Bam, dead. The funny part is, the rest of the guild thought they were supposed to jump to... and they jumped right after me. BB and I were unlucky enough to fall just short of the bottom floor, and (we're both locks) neither of us thought to Soul Stone so we could rez ourselves. He didn't think to because he didn't plan on everyone jumping. I didn't think to because I didn't know what we were going to do. Haha.. so a good 40 minutes is speant ghost walking from the graveyard to our bodies, and then figuring out how we were going to get to them. Kaputt managed to hit the bottom floor, as did Pub I think. Anyway, it was good fun and a comical unintended mass suicide. And I am now a member of the Outer Circle. Woo! Didn't think that remembering so much from 1984 would benefit me in WoW.

My bones, Derbose's (BB) bones, and the bones of I think.. Kaputt after trying to leap down so he could rez us. Hehehehe...
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