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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Six Months

I'm leaving (as usual) to go to Memphis soon. I'll be leaving tomorrow until Thursday night. Alicia and I will be celebrating our six months of being together! It's been the best six months of my life. She is one truly amazing woman. :-)

OH! And she actually agreed to go with me someday to a Nine Inch Nails concert! WOO! It would definately be seats and not the floor. Too much bumping and groping on the floor level. Anyway, just had to say that. Not that she even likes Nine Inch Nails, but there is no way she could go to a live NIN show and not say "that was cool." They had such awesome setlists in the Spring 2006 tour, I hate that I missed it. I mean, they opened some shows with Mr. Self Destruct! Sigh... So yeah. Even if she doesn't like NIN except for a few songs, she still likes Dragonforce. And that is awesome.

Currently Listening To: Nobou Uematsu - Aeris' Theme (Piano) - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [CD1] - 2005


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